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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2013Welcome to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013!

Thanks very much to everyone who helped to spread the word and to everyone who is blogging against disablism, ableism and disability discrimination.

If you have a post for Blogging Against Disablism, please leave a comment including the URL (web address) of your post and the catergory your post fits best.

We'll be updating this post throughout the day to create an archive of all the posts. We'll also try to post links to every blog using the Twitter stream @BADDtweets and these will automatically be posted onto our Facebook Page.

As with the last few years, Stephen and I are sharing the work, but even with two people, there are bound to be typos, so please be patient and let us know if you notice any mistakes.

In Memory of Elizabeth McClung (1970 - 2013)

Today, we heard of the death of disability blogger and Blogging Against Disablism Day contributor Elizabeth McClung. She wrote so passionately and bravely about disability that it seems appropriate to dedicate this year's BADD to her memory. There are over a thousand posts on her blog Screw Bronze, but here are her old BADD posts, as samples of her work:

Blogging Against Disablism 2013

(Disability discrimination in the workplace, recruitment issues and unemployment). 

Gilbert and Me:  Stop Doing More with Less
Grace Quantock:  The stripper pole liberated me too
I'm a Grad School Cautionary Tale:  Trying to get a Part Time Job
Rolling with the Punches:  Can or Can't Work, a Disability Dilemma
there is no should:  part-time workers are workers
This Ain't Livin':  Accessible Labour Rights

(Attitudes and practical issues effecting disabled people and the discussion of disability in education, from preschool to university and workplace training.)

That Crazy Crippled Chick:  Ironic (Or, How My Entire College Career Just Blew Up In My Face)
Feminist Sonar:  Facing the Academy
I'm a Grad School Cautionary Tale:  Disabled Grad Students and Disability Offices
Lessons from the Warrior's Chair:  Do my students see me as disabled? And should they?
Rolling in the Fast Lane:  A Moment of Disablism 
Urbanus Tenus Herma:  B. A. D. D. – another year older, wiser, prejudiced against...

Technology and Web Accessibility

Diary of Mister Goldfish: A Sticky Situation
Diary of Mister Goldfish: Tech Expands the World
Sharon Wachsler:  Is Your Blog Against Disablism Accessible to Disabled Bloggers (and Readers)?
Visibility Fiction:  DRM=Discrimination

Other Access Issues
(Posts about any kind of access issue in the built environment, shops, services and various organisations. By "access issues" I mean anything which enables or disenables a person from doing what everyone else is able to do.)

A Barnsley Historian's View:  Today I Travelled to Sheffield
Cambriangirl:  The Ol’ Trigger Warning Switcheroo
Disability Matters UK:  One Woman Went To Work!
Jon Bateman  :The subtle forms of discrimination
Life in Deep Water:  “Woke Up This Morning Feeling Blue, Man I’ve Got Those Blue Badge Blues”
Urocyon's Jaunts:  Accessible Labour Rights

Definition and Analysis of Disablism/ Ableism

I ♥ [heart] the Phylum Chordata: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013 (Also Posted Here)
A Path Through the Valley:  Discrimination

The Language of Disablism(Posts about the language which surrounds disability and the way that it may empower or disempower us.)

Bigger on the Inside:  Labels and Lies
The Phantasmagoric and Thaumaturgic Blog:  My Identitification as Disabled, Mixed With Some Queerness

Disablism Interacting with Other 'Isms'
(Posts about the way in which various discriminations interact; the way that the prejudice experienced as a disabled person may be compounded by race, gender, age, sexuality etc..)

The Haps:  A Memory
m0ndayschild88:  Disablism, Ageism, and Living with Invisible Illnesses

Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Low Visionary:  Women, disableism and literature
Notes, Notings, and Common Refrains:  Overcoming Prejudice Through Changing the Narrative
The old jaw jaw:  Yes, another Twilight post: Billy Black's wheels
Paul Canning:  Channel Four are idiots
pseudo-living:  Belated BADD Post - What's Your Excuse?
Unicorn of Doom:  Doctor Who needs to be better about disability


Anthro, Etc.:  Disability in Bioarchaeology
Disability Studies, Temple U: Bad History Doesn't Help

Relationships, Love and Sex

Crippled, Queer, Anglo-European Ranter:  No Sex Please, We're... Disabled!
Diary of Mister Goldfish: Demi-Wife
Pretty Pancreas:  Reproduction While Disabled
You don't look sick!:  Are we really Undateable?


rowrowyourboat:  Is disablism within rowing intentional?  


Poetry against Disablism

Tor-Elias:  Pain, a love letter
A Writer In A Wheelchair:  Bored

Art and Photography Against Disablism

Angry Activist Art:  Crazy
Angry Activist Art:  Glass Box
Angry Activist Art:  Inside the Box
General Thoughts on Disablism

Accessible Insights Blog:  The Adversity of Anything 
Cracked Mirror in Shalott:  Microcosmic Multitudes
Em with ME:  #BADD2013
Frida Writes:  Noli Me Tangere
Funky Mango's Musings:  Growing Up Beside You 
I Wish Somebody Would Steal My Shoes:  Having Disabilities is a Full-Time Job 
Jennifer Fitz:  Theology of the Body for Every Body
Live in, Love in, Laugh in:  I am who I am, because I'm disabled and I won't disappear because you want me to
Lounalune:  At the Library
Mecarta:  It Starts With Us
Nightengalesknd:  Steps
le pays des humains volants:  We Are Still Here!/Nous Sommes Toujours là
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking:  Kickin it Old School for BADD 2013
rainbow_goddess:  You're Not Really Disabled 
Restless Hands: It's Blogging Against Disableims Day!
Skepchick:  Guest Post - Blog Against Disablism Day by Chris “Gonz Blinko” Hofstader
Stand Tall Through Everything:  Is There Internal Prejudice?
Wheelchair Dancer:  Just When You Think
Wheelie Catholic: My BADD

Parenting Issues(whether disabled parents or the parents of a disabled child.)

Blacktelephone:  Brave In The Attempt
Victoria Wright:  I'm not a monster - I'm a mummy

Healthcare Issues(For example, the provision of healthcare, institutionalistaion of disabled people, reproductive ethics and euthanasia)

ABC Therapeutics:  Tinfoil hat analysis - Crypto-eugenics and the autism community
Accessibility NZ: Our Homes, Not Nursing Homes
Ballastexistenz: Feeding tubes and weird ideas
Benefit Scrounging Scum: The Right To Live And The Right To Die
Diary of a Goldfish: Blamelessness
Indigo Jo Blogs: Rosa Monckton, learning disabilities and independence
A Room Of My Own:  Never forget where you came from
Variously Awesome:  Blogging Against Disablism Day

Impairment-Specific Prejudice

Bad Aspergers:  Autistic Discrimination
A Blind Man's Journey:  The Rarity of Multi
Celtic Compliance:  Are you providing the best possible customer service to deaf and hearing impaired clients?
Diary of a Benefit Scrounger:  Tube-ageddon
Grimalkin:  How depression makes everything harder
Journeymouse:  Living with Invisible Disability
Life Decanted:  Fact-Fallacy-Photo
Maijan ilmestykset:  Barrier-free food (Esteetöntä ruokaa)
VisionAware:  Guest Blogger John Miller: Blogging against "Disablism" with a Dual Disability
The Wandering Monster: Tic Tic, Tick Tock

Personal Journeys

Posts about learning experiences and realisations authors have had about the nature of disability discrimination and the impact on their lives.

cherryflip:  Identifying as disabled
Crip_tic:  Return of the Borg - Life on a ventilator (and other machines!)
holymansam.wordpress.com:  Jemma’s Story
The Mysterious Life of...:  I'm BADD
Never that Easy:  “We are familiar..." 
People Aren't Broken: Magic Words
Restless Hands:  It's Blogging Against Disablism Day 
Rolling Around In My Head:  A Day Late / Right On Time 
Same Difference:  I Took My Parents To Holland
Scrumptiously:  Elizabeth McClung 1970-2013
Skepchick:  Guest Post: Blog Against “Disablism” Day by Sarah Moglia

Disablism and Politics
(For example, the political currency of disability, anti-discrimination legislation, etc.)

Cats and Chocolate:  Coming Together
hofstader.com:  Rant Against Disablism: Nothing About Us Without Us!
Flat Out:  Behind the Mask 
Flat Out:  When Demonisation Makes Sense
Jane Young:  Independent living is expensive – but its value exceeds the cost
Law Geek's Blog:  Inspiring lip service?
The Official Site of Lesley Smith:  The ESA50 and me #BADD
Rambling Justice:  Five Ways to Support the US #CRPD Ratification Campaign! 
Ramblings of a Fibro Fogged Mind:  Politics ‘V’ Political
The notes which do not fit:  On Privilege and Fraud

Bullying, Harassment and Hate Crime

Little Miss Perception:  My First B.A.D.D. 
xojane:  It's Blogging Against Disablism Day, and I'm Talking Disability Hate Crimes
Yes, That Too:  Blogging Against Disablism Day
Yet Another Lefty: People don't listen
List of Participating Blogs

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Comments on "Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013"


Blogger Criquaer said ... (12:06 AM) : 


title: No Sex Please, We're… Disabled!


relationships, love & sex


Blogger Ruth said ... (1:05 AM) : 

Blogger: Wheelie catholic

title: My BADD

url: http://wheeliecatholic.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-badd.html

category: general thoughts on disablism



OpenID thenoteswhichdonotfit said ... (1:46 AM) : 

My Post:

'On Privilege and Fraud'


Category: Disablism and Politics


Anonymous samedifference1 said ... (1:57 AM) : 


This is called I Took My Parents To Holland and it belongs in Personal Joutreys.

Thank you for running BADD it's brilliant!


Blogger starrlife said ... (3:50 AM) : 

I have been a sadly deficient blogger over the past year and have no juice for a new post for your wonderful event. I humbly offer a succinct previous post from my heart, probably best in personal journys? I will set up a link to your blog post tomorrow on twitter, my blog and Facebook if that's okay? Here is my link....
Thanks for all you do Goldie!


Blogger Spaz Girl said ... (4:38 AM) : 

In a way, I find it almost sad that I was able to participate this year, because I really don't have time, but I've been through such horrible ableism lately that I had to get it out. Note the new blog name as well, I used to be Butterfly Dreams and before that Candidly Crippled.


Under Education, please :) Still happy though, to be back in the BADD circle!!!!


Blogger FridaWrites said ... (4:54 AM) : 

Blogger: Frida Writes

Title: Noli Me Tangere

URL: Noli Me Tangere

Category: General Thoughts on Disablism (could also go under Other Access if that category gets huge)


Blogger FridaWrites said ... (5:04 AM) : 

oops, sorry, URL:

Copy and paste fail!


OpenID chordatesrock said ... (5:52 AM) : 

I thought I left this comment hours ago!

Blogger: I ♥ [heart] the Phylum Chordata

Title: Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013

Category: Definition and Analysis of Disablism/Ableism

http://chordatesrock.dreamwidth.org/25665.html (Dreamwidth)
http://chordatesrock.livejournal.com/42062.html (LiveJournal)


Blogger Jen said ... (6:03 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Jen said ... (6:15 AM) : 

Thanks for all your efforts over the yers.

People Aren't Broken
Entry Title
Magic Words
Personal Journies


Blogger Funky Mango said ... (7:39 AM) : 

Blogger: Funky Mango
Title: Growing up beside you
url: http://funkymangosmusings.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/badd-growing-up-beside-you.html
Category: General thoughts on disablism


Blogger Benjamin Huang said ... (7:43 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Sharon Wachsler said ... (8:35 AM) : 

Blogger: Sharon Wachsler (formerly After Gadget)

URL: http://sharonwachsler.com/badd2013/

Post title: Is Your Blog Against Disablism Accessible to Disabled Bloggers (and Readers)?

Category: Web Access

Thank you!


OpenID kwillblog said ... (9:43 AM) : 

Wordpress: Bigger on the Inside

Labels and Lies: http://kwillblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/labels-and-lies/

Category: Language


Anonymous kethry said ... (11:32 AM) : 

http://kethry.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/b-a-d-d-another-year-older-wiser-prejudiced-against/ -

title - B. A. D. D. – another year older, wiser, prejudiced against…

Category: Education.

Thanks, sweetie!


Blogger Allison Nastoff said ... (11:45 AM) : 

My blog is titled Gilbert and Me. The title of my post is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013: Stop Doing More with Less. It would fit under the employment category. The link to my post is http://gilbertandme.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/blogging-against-disablism-day-2013-stop-doing-more-with-less


Blogger Allison Nastoff said ... (11:50 AM) : 

My blog is titled Gilbert and Me. The title of my post is Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013: Stop Doing More with Less. It would fit under the employment category. The link to my post is http://gilbertandme.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/blogging-against-disablism-day-2013-stop-doing-more-with-less


Blogger Spoonydoc said ... (12:05 PM) : 

blogger: Spoonydoc
title: Can or Can't work, a Disability Dilemma

url: http://loopys-rollingwiththepunches.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/badd2013-can-or-cant-work-disability.html

category:Employment/General Thoughts


Anonymous Jodi said ... (12:44 PM) : 

cherryflip: Identifying as disabled
Category: Personal Journeys


Anonymous Joseph Karr O'Connor said ... (12:56 PM) : 

Through what I can only conclude is psychic divination you have already found and Tweeted about my post in honor of Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013. Thanks. And also, thanks for doing this each year. I might never post without it. LOL

The category might be Education or Sport or wherever you think fits it best.

Title: Brave In The Attempt


Blogger re-fresh said ... (1:19 PM) : 

blog to reduce stigma towards mental illness, thanks



Anonymous Holly said ... (1:42 PM) : 

DRM = Discrimination

Post about inaccessible (DRM protected) ebooks. Probably fits best in technology access or disablism and literature.

Thanks for running BADD!!!!!!!


Blogger Christopher Alterio said ... (2:04 PM) : 

Healthcare issues:

Tinfoil hat analysis: Crypto-eugenics and the autism community



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:16 PM) : 

Blogger: Various Awesomes
Title: Blogging Against Disablism Day
URL: http://variousawesomes.tumblr.com/post/49356685115/blogging-against-disablism-day

Category: Fits under Healthcare Issues I think (doctors not listening to me about my own body)


Anonymous Kate Bennell said ... (2:24 PM) : 

I regularly write about issues for blind and partially sighted people and wondered whether my latest blog entry would be of interest
URL: http://www.sightsavers.org/about_us/meet_the_people/19628.html


Blogger Penny L. Richards said ... (2:43 PM) : 

The titles and links to EFM's contributions to past BADDs are an excellent, appropriate memorial. Thank you for that.


Blogger Louna said ... (2:50 PM) : 

It seems that the link you posted to Criquaer's post isn't working. Perhaps you can try with this?



OpenID safeandsilent said ... (3:18 PM) : 

Unfortunately no new post(s) for Blogging Against Disablism Day (yet), but an archive of occasional reports and reflections on Safe and Silent


Best wishes for a good BADD.


Blogger Elsa Sjunneson-Henry said ... (4:27 PM) : 

Blog: Feminist Sonar

Title: Facing The Academy

url: http://feministsonar.com/2013/05/facing-the-academy/

Category: Education


OpenID ramblingsofafibrofoggedmind said ... (4:31 PM) : 

Politics 'V' Political

A discussion on why Disability campaigning is political but not about politics... And why thinking disability campaigning is not something we should do because of its political nature is disablist...

Thanks Dxxx


Anonymous Gonz Blinko said ... (5:07 PM) : 

I, Chris Hofstader, aka Gonz Blinko, have written two articles for Blog Against Disablism Day. One is already up at hofstader.com/radd and the other will appear sometime today on Skepchicks.com, a site about scientific and social skepticism, atheism, feminism, art, humanism and other really great stuff unrelated to disability.


Anonymous Cambriangirl said ... (5:27 PM) : 

I've written this satirical post about trigger warnings and how people react to mental illness - it probably fits best in Other Access Issues.


Anonymous myriad said ... (5:47 PM) : 

blogger: myriad

title: part-time workers are workers

url: http://thereisnoshould.org/?p=573

category: work


OpenID mecarta said ... (5:56 PM) : 

Blogger: mecarta
Title: BADD 2013: It Starts With Us
URL: http://wp.me/p18yJM-en
Category: General, I think :)


Anonymous Claire Wade said ... (6:23 PM) : 

Blogger: Claire Wade, Live in Love in Laugh in


category: general thoughts on disablism


Blogger DavidG said ... (7:03 PM) : 

Blogger: David Gillon (aka @WTBDavidG)

Two blogs for the price of one!

Behind the Mask

Category: Disablism and Politics

When Demonisation Makes Sense


Category: Disablism and Politics


Anonymous Jennifer Fitz said ... (7:50 PM) : 

Blogger: Jennifer Fitz

Title: People don't want to be treated like dirt.


Category: General


OpenID academiccautionarytale said ... (7:51 PM) : 

blogger: BadAcademic2


(category: employment)


(category: education)


Blogger BarnsleyHistorian said ... (8:16 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger BarnsleyHistorian said ... (8:19 PM) : 

I've written about my journey from Barnsley to Sheffield on public transport for some more tests, tomorrow I'll be resting!

Category: Access?? General??


Blogger Benjamin Huang said ... (8:34 PM) : 

Blogger: Bad Aspergers

Title: Autistic Discrimination


Category: General Thoughts on Disablism


Blogger Louna said ... (8:59 PM) : 

I managed!
Blogger: Lounalune
Category: General thoughts
Title: At the Library
url: http://lounalune.livejournal.com/101250.html
Thanks for hosting!


Anonymous Lydia said ... (9:04 PM) : 

Title: Discrimination
Category: Definition and Analysis of Disablism
Title: Discrimination
URL: http://apaththroughthevalley.wordpress.com/?p=2239


Blogger Wheelchair Dancer said ... (9:10 PM) : 

Mine is up! I'm surprised. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS AGAIN..

with love


Title: just when you think

url: http://cripwheels.blogspot.com/2013/05/just-when-you-think.html

Category: general disablism thoughts.


Anonymous s.e. smith said ... (9:51 PM) : 

Looks like you already got my post on accessible labour rights from this ain't livin', but I also wrote about disability hate crimes for xoJane: http://www.xojane.com/issues/blogging-against-disablism-day-2013-disability-hate-crimes

Thanks so much for all your excellent organising!

-s.e. smith


Anonymous GirlWithTheCane said ... (10:14 PM) : 

Title: "Work and ODSP: The Case for Choice"

URL: http://www.girlwiththecane.com/intellectual-disabilities-5/

Category: Government and Politics


Blogger CapriUni said ... (11:25 PM) : 

"B.A.D.D. Post: Overcoming Prejudice Through Changing the Narrative":


Category: Disablism in Literature, Culture, and the Media


Anonymous wheeledteacher said ... (11:27 PM) : 



Anonymous Emma said ... (11:46 PM) : 

Thanks for doing this. So sorry to hear of Beth's death.

Blog: A Writer In A Wheelchair
Title: Bored

I guess you could call it a poem (its not what I set out to write but its what I seem to have ended up with) or a personal journey.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:55 PM) : 

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Blogger emwithme said ... (12:07 AM) : 

URL: http://emwithme.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/this-post-is-for-blogging-against.html

Category: General, or possibly family.


Blogger mocha said ... (12:24 AM) : 

Blogger: Mocha

Title: Reproduction While Disabled

URL: http://prettypancreas.blogspot.com/2013/05/reproduction-while-disabled.html

Category: relationships, love & sex


Blogger LookinForAHand said ... (12:39 AM) : 

Blogger: LookinForAHand
Category: Employment
Title: "Having Disabilities is a Full-Time Job"
URL: http://lookinforahand.blogspot.com/2013/05/having-disabilities-is-full-time-job.html


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:08 AM) : 

I have CF. I have a blog for my upcoming August wedding and will be making this my topic of the week.


Anonymous wacky-shenanigans said ... (2:10 AM) : 

Here's my post, for the culture and media category : http://wacky-shenanigans.tumblr.com/post/49402153323/blogging-against-disablism-day-doctor-who-needs-to-be
(SOrry I wrote about a TV show. There aren't many things I'm competant to write about and I just wanted to contribute something.)


Blogger starrlife said ... (2:14 AM) : 

Another amazing group of posts! Thanks For all that you do!


OpenID nightengalesknd said ... (2:38 AM) : 

Title: Steps
Category: General thoughts on disablism


8th consecutive year!!!


Blogger Neurodivergent K said ... (3:56 AM) : 


Title: Kickin it old school for BADD 2013. It's a repost of my 2010 one since the blog it was on is now private.

Category: general? maybe? it's about microaggressions basically.


Anonymous Ashraful Nahar Misti said ... (4:24 AM) : 

People with Disabilities have ability to prove their potential. Discrimination make the barrier to prove.


Anonymous Scrumptious said ... (5:05 AM) : 

I wrote a dedication post for Elizabeth on my blog today. If it seems appropriate, I'd love to include it in the the listings here.

If it seems like something that could be included, it would go under Personal Stories I guess. http://eversoscrumptiously.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/elizabeth-mcclung-1970-2013/

Blog is Scrumptiously.


Blogger Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone said ... (5:14 AM) : 


Blog name: Cracked Mirror in Shalott
Blogger: Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone
Post: Microcosmic Multitudes
Link: http://crackedmirrorinshalott.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/microcosmic-multitudes/
Category: uh... I am not sure.


OpenID restlesshands42 said ... (5:25 AM) : 

My BADD post

"It's Blogging Against Disableism Day!"

(yeah, I know, way original)

url: http://restlesshands42.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/its-blogging-against-disableism-day/

Category: personal journeys


OpenID rainbow-goddess said ... (5:42 AM) : 

Blogger: rainbow_goddess
Title: You're Not Really Disabled
Category: General thoughts on disablism


Anonymous Tor-Elias said ... (6:43 AM) : 

category: poetry
author: Tor-Elias
title: Pain, a love letter

URL: http://tor-without-an-h.tumblr.com/post/49420804828/a-poem-about-pain-and-related-things


OpenID lifeindeepwater said ... (7:09 AM) : 

Hi Goldfish,

Category = "Other access issues" - Feel free to change if you disagree.

Title = “Woke Up This Morning Feeling Blue, Man I’ve Got Those Blue Badge Blues”

URL = http://lifeindeepwater.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/woke-up-this-morning-feeling-blue-man-ive-got-those-blue-badge-blues/


Blogger Slightly wonky said ... (8:57 AM) : 


Sorry it's a day late. Category sport.
Is disablism within rowing intentional?


Blogger Dave Hingsburger said ... (10:21 AM) : 

Sorry, I'm late ... http://davehingsburger.blogspot.ca/2013/05/blogging-against-disablism-day-day-late.html


Blogger Dave Hingsburger said ... (10:23 AM) : 

sorry, category personal journey


Blogger allama said ... (11:34 AM) : 

Blogger: Hannah // the old jaw jaw
Title: Yes, another Twilight post: Billy Black's Wheels
URL: http://oldjawjaw.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/yes-another-twilight-post-billy-blacks.html
Category: Disablism in Literature, Culture and the Media

Thank you!


Anonymous Kit said ... (12:20 PM) : 

Sorry, I'm running late! I don't know what section my post should go in - it's about how disablist understandings of disabilities mean people don't have easy access to information that would tell them what their own disability is. http://thewanderingmonster.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/tic-tic-tick-tock/


Blogger Alyssa said ... (2:51 PM) : 

I made one, it's just called blogging against disablism day.


Blogger Alyssa said ... (2:53 PM) : 

Oh- category. I'm probably either specific impairment or hate crime?


Anonymous Amanda said ... (4:59 PM) : 

Feeding tubes and weird ideas


Goes in healthcare issues. Because it's largely about them trying to let me die rather than give me a feeding tube. Yay for death by medical neglect. I got the feeding tube but only after lots of people from the Internet called the hospital in protest.


Anonymous Amanda said ... (5:00 PM) : 

Oh and I only wish that trying to pressure someone into not getting a feeding tube was considered a hate crime. Because it damn well ought to be.


Anonymous TeaKirsten said ... (6:05 PM) : 

Thank you so much for putting this together!


Blogger Cathbadh said ... (7:02 PM) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Maija Haavisto said ... (7:50 PM) : 

I'm not sure where my post would go, it's about special diets as an accessibility issue, but there doesn't seem to be a section about accessibility in general(?).

And yes, it's only in Finnish. I'm sorry that besides being two days late I still don't have a translation. It translates okay with Google translate, though Google translate has a bad habit of occasionally turning a positive sentence negative or vice versa.

Maijan ilmestykset: Esteetöntä ruokaa


Blogger Cathbadh said ... (10:14 PM) : 

Update, sorry, to my earlier comment. I realized there was one about labels and language, and I think mine fits there better! I deleted my old post, so here's the info again:

Link: http://thepandtblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/blog-against-disabilism-day-my.html

Title: My Identification as Disabled, Mixed With Some Queerness

Category: Labels and Language


Blogger pseudodeviant said ... (11:48 AM) : 

I wrote one but it's belated I'm afraid

Blogger: pseudodeviant

Title: "What's Your Excuse"

URL: http://pseudo-living.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/belated-badd-post-whats-your-excuse.html

Category: either disablism in literature, culture and media or it might fit in sport or general thoughts on disablism. It's an inspiration porn post ;)


Blogger Sam Hailes said ... (11:15 PM) : 

Sorry this is so late, but I did take part in BADD and you can read it here http://holymansam.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/blogging-against-disabalism-jemmas-story/


OpenID ravenswyrd1 said ... (10:26 AM) : 

Title: One Woman Went To Work!

Category: Accessibility

Blog: Disability Matters UK

Link: http://disabilitymattersuk.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/one-woman-went-to-work-badd13/


Anonymous Velma said ... (3:31 AM) : 

This is cool!


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